Dealing with Creditors
:: How to Deal and Negotiate With Your Creditors

When you're negotiating with creditors, remember that their job is to collect the money you owe using tactics that are within the boundaries of the law. They may be overly pushy, obnoxious, or rude. After all, they're accustomed to dealing with deadbeats who don't pay their bills.

It's your job to protect your own interests, while at the same time, living up to your financial and legal obligations. Someone who works for a collection agency, for example, does not have your best interests in mind, despite whatever they say. They don't care about your problems; they just want to collect the money that's due to them or the company they represent.

Read about some tips to help you negotiate with a creditor or collection agency and what to negotiate for when dealing with creditors, lenders, or collection agencies at


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