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:: What is credit repair?

find out what credit repair is and how to fix your credit

Credit repair is the process you use to of rehabilitate your credit worthiness.

When you have good credit, you have financial reputation. When you go to the bank to get a loan and you have good credit, they call you "Sir", "Yes, Sir", "Right Away Sir".

The bank is more than happy to lend you money because they know you will pay it back.

Having good credit is like having report card with A's and B's.

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Comments and Suggestions (7)

Dimitri Petersen says...

I just want 2 clear my name as soon as possible

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Pamela Tekile says...

I want to know how I can get a free report on my bad credit.

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Jeff says...

Have your checked your credit history to see how bad it really is?

you can get a free copy of your credit report and try to remove some of the stains yourself

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Sally says...

Do you have any advice on credit repair specialists at

I need credit repair and am still in college.

Im only 20 and have bad credit from credit cards.

My uncle said they are legitimate but the internet says that you need to watch out.

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Sandra says...

Thank you very much for replying back i did applyed for a secure credit card that i was rejected at bank of america But will try the other 2. Thanks for all your help i'll keep you update.


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Franty Cleophat says...

I would not continue to apply for credit from a department store.

Most department store will pull your history and they will want a score of at least 600 and up in order to get it. At the same time by applying at different places, it will hurt you chances to get a card or loan because too many inquires will occur on your credit.

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Sandra says...

I just paid off all credit, now i need to know what is the best way to start building up my credit i've already applyed for credit card which i've been denied, now i need to know is a department stores credit card is the best way to go.



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