Credit Repair Scams
:: How to avoid Credit Repair Scams and Credit Card Debt Elimination Scams

Be very careful so you don't fall PREY to credit repair scams artist who propose to remove everything bad from your credit report... Know this... There are NO quick and easy fixes for a poor credit history...

The more most anxious you to get good credit the more vulnerable you become to credit repair scams.

Have you ever seen a credit repair ad that looks like this?

"Credit Problems? No Problem!"
"Erase Bad Credit! 100% Guaranteed!"
"Only We can Remove old or Inaccurate Information"
"Remove Bankruptcy and Liens from Your Credit File"

Most of the credit repair companies who promises to "FIX" your bad credit rating or to ERASE your bad credit altogether usually are nothing more than people trying to take your money.

Tip: If you decide to contact a credit repair company for help, use considerable caution.

In many cases, these credit repair agencies will take your money, do little or nothing to improve your credit report, and then "John Doe Credit Repair Company" will vanish.

Have you been a victim of credit repair scams? share your experience with our visitors.


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Only incorrect information can be removed from your credit report. The good news is that you can correct the mistakes... (V. Crawford)

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