What's a Good Credit Score?

find out what a credit score is and what is considered a good credit score

When you have a high credit score on and are is more likely to injure money the reason is simple. The lender believes that there will have less risk by lending you money than to someone with a low credit score.

usually when you go out to borrow money from a lender the higher your credit score down lower the interest that you get on the loan.

So there's no doubt a high credit score will definitely save your money.

if your credit score is above 700 then there will be more doors open to you when you need to refinance the house or buy a car and you will get much better interest rates.

if your credit score is less than 700 it's OK too, you will still be able to borrow money but you can expect a higher interest rate on that loan

So if you want to have a good credit score, try to keep it over 700 and you will be just fine!

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