VantageScore vs. FICO credit score

You mean your FICO score and not your Vantagescore, suzie Orman said. What is the difference? find out

I was watching the Suzie Orman Show and caller told Suzie what her fico score was. Then suzie said:

"You mean your FICO score and not your Vantagecore?"

So got curious to know what the difference is between your FICO score and your Vantage Score

You're ready?

The difference it seemed is strictly business...

In 1956, Fair, Isaac and Company (FICO) came up with a credit worthiness calculation system, hence your FICO score.


In March 2006, the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion got together and came up with a new credit worthiness calculation system they called "Your VantageScore"

Yeap... it's one word, VantageScore, not Vantage Score!

VantageScore is an attempt to compete with the FICO score produced by Fair Isaac Corporation

What's the difference?

FICO scores ranges from 300 to 850

VantageScore range from 501 to 990

That's all folks!

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