How to fix errors in your credit report

find out how to remove errors from your credit report

It is strongly recommended that you get a copy of your credit report at least once a year so that you can examine it for errors.

If you find out that there are some errors in your credit report there's no need to panic because credit report errors can be fixed.

credit reporting errors can lower your credit score considerably.

The good news is, not only can you remove credit report errors from your credit report, you can also remove negative items from your credit report.

here is more good news. you would do not need any credit repair agency or company to fix your credit. You can figure credit yourself.

Here is how to do it.

1 - Request a copy of your credit report . Once you receive this copy of your credit report make another copy of it and circle everything in their report that you believe is not correct.

2 - write a credit repair letter (more information about credit repair letter here) And in this credit repair letter you will give an explanation for each item you want a dispute and asked that that the investigation be made to resolve those issues.

if you have any kind of paperwork that can support your claim be sure to send a copy of it (not the original) along with your credit repair letter.

3 - when mailing your credit repair letter with all the documents along with it be sure to send a certified mail. make sure you with qwest they'll return receipt because you want to be sure that the information was received by the credit reporting agency.

There is a very big secret behind this. once you send in a request to have an item remove from your credit the credit reporting agency would initiate an investigation.

the credit reporting agency will contact the creditor in question and ask that the verify the information. if the critical of verify the information you can report is accurate than they have no choice but to remove it from your credit report.

as soon as this investigation is complete the credit reporting agency has tosend you a free copy of your credit report if any changes were made.

Here is another tip: if the credit reporting agency found any errors in your credit report then you have every right to request that this in a corrected version of your credit report every one who requested it within the past six months.

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