How to Dispute Credit Report Errors Online

Nowadays, the credit reporting agencies allows you to dispute credit report errors online. Find out how easy it is

These days it is much easier to fix mistakes and errors on your credit report. You may not have to write a letter at all... All you have to do these disputes the errors online as soon as you pull your credit report.


I basically went online, I pulled out a free copy of my credit report from Experian (find out how) and right on the page is a dispute link next to each item on my credit report allowing me to dispute it.

Experian investigates and emails me when new information is available.

Here's a simple e-mail I received from Experian from time to time every time one of the results are ready

Your Experian Dispute Results are Read

The results of your investigation of information in your Experian personal credit report are now available for online viewing. For your protection, please review your results online within four days of the following date: 06/15/2010

To review your results, go to the following URL and enter the requested information. (not real)

Your Report Number is: 54321234324 (not real)

Your Investigation ID is: 07 (not real)

Try it and let me know if it works for you...

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