How to build credit - ways to build credit

There are many ways to build credit if you don't have a credit history. find out how easy it is to build credit

Some people think building credit is difficult but actually it's pretty easy.

Here are some easy ways to start building your credit

Secured credit cards - With a secured credit card, you basically deposit the money into your bank account and you have a credit limit in the amount of your deposit.

Use a co-signer - When I purchases my first car, the lender asked me for a co-signer, someone with good credit to co-sign the car loan.

Try credit with a retail store - there are many retail stores out there will offer you a low down easy monthly payment plan on computers, furniture, etc... if you are trying to build your credit make sure that the retail store will report your loan to the major credit reporting companies and buy that computer and start making your payments on time every time. That's a very easy way to build credit.

Try a Gas Card - Some gas companies offer gas cards find out if they will report to the major credit reporting companies of use a card to fill up your gas tank and make your monthly payments

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