How Eviction Affects Your Credit Score

I read somewhere online that a legal court eviction can very well show up on your credit report... In other words, getting evicted from your apartment can definitely affect your credit score and stain your credit report...

If you think about it, if you are evicted from your apartment, it is usually because you did not pay your rent. If you owe the landlord, he may very well report you to the credit bureau or hire a collection agency to collect the debt.

What is Eviction?

Once your rent payments are in arrears you will be faced with the possibility of eviction and / or confiscation and loss of your personal property.

Landlord seeking to terminate a residential tenancy must do so under proper statutory grounds. Legal steps vary greatly from state to state.

The eviction process can move along in as little as two or three weeks time, depending on your defense against the eviction, and whether you appeal. You must familiarize yourself with local and state law regarding eviction

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