Credit Repair Letter

how to write a credit repair letter, where to find sample credit repair letters

What is a credit repair letter?

A credit repair letter is a letter requesting the removal of inaccurate information from your credit report. When you write a credit repair letter, always remember to include any copies of proof you may have.


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For example, if you have any cancelled checks showing timely payments, if you have proof that you paid off an account or a loan, these are the proofs you need to include in your credit repair letter. in other words, you have to include anything that will show them that the information in your credit report is indeed erroneous

One other think you may want to mention is the reason you think or know resulted from this wrongful information as well. The credit agencies give the most immediate attention to seriously wronged consumers.

Remember that the credit reporting agencies receive thousands of credit repair letters on a daily basis, so make your letter count.

if you are looking for sample letters for use in credit repair, debt consolidation or Bankruptcy, we recommend a few credit repair help the include such credit repair sample letter.

One Very important tip:

When you send your credit repair letter to the credit reporting agency, be sure to keep a copy for your files and send the letter registered mail.

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Mark says...

Tips about writing a credit repair letter

The credit repair dispute letter is the single most powerful weapon available to you.

The new FCRA requires the credit bureaus to handle your dispute with precision and reliability.

However, the credit bureaus still have some loopholes to escape their responsibilities if you don't compose your dispute properly, including the determination that your dispute is technically "frivolous or irrelevant."


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