Clean your credit before you buy you home

Find out why you should figure credit before you buy a new home

A while ago I was in a jam and I needed to refinance my house very quickly. It wasn't until then that I realized how important was for me to have a good credit and a clean credit report at all times.

are moved from Rhode Island to Florida and unless someone paid bills behind and all of which ended up as disputes in my credit report.

about three years went by and I never pulled my credit will port wants and I never know what all the stains after a purchase my house.

When it was time to refinance that's when I realize that by critics call with sorrow that I have to refinance at a higher interest rates. A much higher interest rate.

so I would like to share this advice with you if you're thinking about buying in your home or a financing your home.

Get a copy of your credit report and make sure everything is perfectly OK before you go shopping for new home.

If you buy a home and you have a credit score that is 500 range you could be paying the mortgage interest that least that is at least three times higher than have your credit score that is over 700.

So having good thing credit is not only about being for your new credit card having good credit means paying much less interest on a home or on your mortgage.

If they are errors on your credit report, errors can relieve lower your credit score. so make sure you fix those credit report and was first. with the amount of money that you will be saving on that mortgage is really worth the wait.

Conclusion: fix your credit first then by your house.

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Lalit says...

How can i remove my name from defaulter in CIBIL

how can i remove my name from defaulter in CIBIL

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