Bad credit affects buying power

See how bad credit affect your buying power

Bad credit can mean you will have a difficult time purchasing a home or car, obtaining a credit card, entering into leases and other agreements and building the financial future you and your family deserve.

Credit Repair services promise to remove all of the negative items from your credit reports. But what most credit repair companies don't tell you is that you can repair your credit file yourself, and you don't have to be a credit repair expert to do it.

There are several things that can force the credit bureau to erase the items.

  • It may run up against the time limit for reverification,
  • be very busy and not had the time to handle it properly.

When the credit bureau contacts the original source of the data to verify account information, sometimes the creditors do not verify or fail to do so within the time limit.

Some creditors do not bother to respond to reverification because it is extra work for them.

Many creditors keep account information for only two or three years.

More info on repairing your credit:

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