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Credit Repair Tip: Avoid Store Cards

If you are are working on your credit repair plan it's best to steer clear of store cards and consumer debts. Getting... more »

Can a Secured Credit Card bost my Credit Score?

I read somewhere that if you are rebuilding your credit from scratch then having two secured cards could be worth 100... more »

Credit Repair Tip: Pay Down Credit Card Balances

These dayd, your FICO credit score has a lot to do with your credit card balances. Runnig up your credit card will... more »

A Bad Credit Score Could Cost You Thousands

Find out How A Bad Credit Score Could Cost You Thousands Most people know that having a bad credit score has a huge... more »

RE: Credit Cards Rate Increase Notice

This credit card rate increase 45 day notice is good I guess! It gives you a chance to avoide repay your credit card... more »

RE: New options for credit card users

That's good reason to pay attention to the mail from my credit card company. I am sure I will be soon receive a notice... more »

Over 70 Million Americans Suffer From Bad Credit

Statistics Reveal That Over 70 Million Americans Suffer From Bad Credit Which Is Not Their Problem The recent survey... more »

New options for credit card users

Within the next few weeks, your credit card company will be required to give you at least 45 days notice before making... more »

Foreclosure Credit Repair - Does it Help at All?

Foreclosure credit repair is something that many companies are attempting to offer during the current mortgage crisis... more »

Obama Signs Credit Card Protection Law

The new law is called The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility & Disclosure Act. Back in May, President Obama... more »

How to Choose a Business Credit Card

There are thee things to consider when choosing a business credit card The first is annual fees, the second is... more »

Credit Repair Scams on the rise

The ecomony is bad and credit repair scams are on the rise. Be aware of credit repair companies that wish for you to... more »

Debt settlement Consumers Beware

In these troubled economic times, it seems as if it's impossible to turn on the radio without hearing an ad for debt... more »

Credit Cards Replace Small Business Loans

As commercial loans become harder to find, small business owners give in to aggressive credit card marketers and get... more »

RE: Cash Over Credit Can Save You Money

I always use cash over credit because I don't like buying on credit more »

RE: No more extra fees for Credit Card Transaction

I am so glad there is no more extra fees because some restaurant just charged me $.50 transaciton fee because I... more »

Cash Over Credit Can Save You Money

Nowadays, using cash over credit has a lot of benefits. With consumer demand low, some businesses, including auto... more »

RE: Variable Vs. Fixed Rate Credit cards

Variable-rate credit cards make up 66 percent of credit cards issued by the nation's largest lenders, according to... more »

Credit cards changing to variable rates

Dear Credit card holder, It is now time to kiss your fixed-rate credit cards goodbye! Bank of America and Chase Bank... more »

No more extra fees for Credit Card Transactions

You know about the little stores that charge an extra 30 cents on your visa or master card for any credit card... more »