A Grocery Shopping List Saves you Money

Cre - December 26 2005, 7:45 AM

To save money on grocery you need to understand the grocery game.

When you go to the grocery store, every single product is placed in it's location for a very specific reason.

If you know how to shop for groceries in your local grecery store you can save money.

here are some tips:

- Write up a shopping list

- Take advantage of discounts

- Shop the perimeter of the store first, get your milk bread etc...

- Look beyond eye level, the more expensive groceries are places at eye level, the stuff that kids like are places at kids eye level

- Eat before you shop, hungry people tend to shop more impulsively

- Leave the family at home, less people to fill the shopping cart

- Shop with cash, if you bring enough cash for the food in your list you will not buy things you don't need

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