Yes I do think within all the laws that apply to this country...

Minouchee - December 8 2009, 10:23 PM

yes I do think within all the laws that apply to this country one has been overlook for me the goverment need to abolish debt collectors when they call you they surely are very agressive lack of manners they are train to be bully but not civilized.most of the times when they call your home they leave an abarassement messages very authoritarian style of speaking, and when you do have a chance to speak to them they are very arogant, menacing boldging into your personal business ect, for example once I spoke to a debt collector she call my house I have just coming out the hospital after my surgery, my voice was tense and very soft spoken .yes I identify myself of whom she wanted to speak she begins by howla degrating into my personality interfering with my personal life indicating that she check with the IRS that my tax was over 10,000 dollars this year and plus I have a husband why can't he take care of me at the time I said to myself you are going to far lady I urgue you not to ever call my house again plus it has been 3 days since I just get out the hospital I barely can speak so please let not agrevated me at my situation she answered with a rude voice Mrs so and so?

my job is not to sympathize with your pain but for you to acknowledge your debt I could not been more suprise I hang up the phone at her face and went to bed later that night I was with so much emotional pain that I develop a fever and my blood pressure went so high I explained at the emergency room to one of the attended physician he explain to me that was an emotional stress that brought your pressure high they put me into medication and sent me home with plenty of bed rest ristrickted from phone conversation ect.what I am asking the U.S goverment is he a free country or semi- dictator who"s pretending to be a country of freedom of speech, and peace why licence these company to murder the handicap, the senior, the sick and even those who's trying to make an effort.

sometimes those debt are 10years or over they still bother you, bothering or intimidate you by garnishing your pay check garnish your car house and ect. many of us who are reading this please let all of us stand and let our government in our legislator know what these people are doing .perhapes when the taught was giving the government look at it at a different angle.

we need some voices so that never happen to anyone like myself and the lady who have her husband kill by a debt collector, wake up america come out tell us your story I am sure they are much more to say about this situation.

thank you for taking the time to read my comment.


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