Debt Collectors Kill a Man in Florida?

By: Debt Collector News - December 8 2009, 12:26 PM

Florida man dies of a heart attack because of harassing phone calls from debt collectors.

Have you been getting harassing phone calls from Debt collectors?

You need to read this!

I just read a report about a lady, Diane McLeod, who claims her husband died of a heart attack because he received so many abusive calls from debt collectors.

She is filing a lawsuit against Greentree Services, the debt collection agency who is responsible for her husband death

What do you think about this?

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Josh says...

Receiving phone calls from a debt collector is not a problem but when they begin to harass you it's stressful more »

Minouchee says...

yes I do think within all the laws that apply to this country one has been overlook for me the goverment need to... more »

Decounn says...

It would be good if she wins, it would slow down the debt collector, at least they would be moderatee about the call... more »